Lori says…

My baby sister got engaged this past weekend. Let me tell you this. Once the ring is on the finger, that ball starts rolling fast. There are so many decisions to be made, and I think I am going to buy a lottery ticket so that I can pay for her wedding.

Lori asked me what my feelings were about Donna getting married. I told her that for about 60 seconds, I felt the cliche “Why is my little sister getting married before me.” But about as soon as the thought came, it was dismissed as rediculous. It helps that there is nobody that I particularly want to marry. Oh, I kidded with my friends about needing a strong drink. I hope they realized I was kidding. But I am really excited to be planning…helping to plan her wedding.

Anyway, back to what Lori said. When I told her about my 60 second initial reaction, she said something really interesting that I think a lot of people need to take to heart.

“Marriage is not a reward for making good decisions.”

And I would add that it’s not a reward for being rich or attractive or interesting or baggage free. It’s a refining fire. My older sister said that God has given marriage to her and Donna because they need the cauldron a little hotter than I do. Rubbish. But funny. She’s a funny girl.

Anyway, In this season of a thousand weddings (I am in two already this summer) I think it is important for people to know that marriage is not some kind of finish line. Nor is it validation for a person’s worthiness to be loved. It is a process of making someone more like Jesus.


2 Responses to Lori says…

  1. Jon Lowder says:

    I concur….

    “Nor is it (marriage) validation for a person’s worthiness to be loved”

    Cheryl, you are wise beyond your years….

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