Since it’s entirely possible that you will read my blog before you listen to your voice mail…

so there’s this flight that leaves at 12:49 and gets there at 4:40-something. and that would be great! But the layover is 31 minutes. Should i risk it? and all of the other flights that have decent layovers leave at like 6 in the morning. i can’t get ahold of her to find out if it’s ok to ask her to take me to the airport before the sun comes up. she has a baby afterall. And the only return flight that doesn’t leave at 6am leaves at 5 something in the evening. and it would be great to spend the day before leaving, but it doesn’t get in til almost midnight. and since i already stated that i can’t get ahold of her, i don’t know it that’s ok. and there was one day this week when the price dropped 50 bucks. i heard once that there is a day when the prices drop. should i wait? will the flights sell out?


seriously need you to call me.


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