Cheryl – Driving, sittin’ low, head resting on the…well, the head rest. Jonathan Howell – (aka J-Ho, aka Jonathan Ho):riding shotty, Deb Way – (aka D-bo…apparently) and Amy in the back. Cheryl comments on how exhausted she is and therefore, this would be a Motley Crue-less drive. Deb questions the safety of the passenger due to Cheryl’s fatigue.

Amy: Cheryl’s a great driver. Don’t worry about her. I’m a terrible driver.

You’re not a terrible driver.

Amy: I’m a nervous driver. But only when other people are in the car. When I’m by myself, I’m fine.

Deb: Can you prove that?

J-ho: If Amy is driving in the woods and there’s nobody around…wait…

I’m blogging this. Starting with ‘Chery’s a great driver.’


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