Mark says

I was chatting with my dear friend, Mark Cahill, last night. We haven’t really had a chance to talk since I left my old job. He asked me about how I was getting along, and I told him about the ups and downs of the last few months. We talked about God’s faithfulness and discipline, and of course His kindness. Mark said this.

“What’s that game we use to play as a kid? Tag? You know. There was a home base you had to get to. And it felt so good to get there because it meant that you were safe. But that’s not where the fun was. The fun was the chase in the middle. The fear of getting tagged and wondering if you were going to make it. It was the rush of running for something. Christians live at home base. We are rich and fat and safe. But that’s not where the fun it.”

His life backs this up. Mark is constantly in the run-down. His life is a lived caught in a pickle between third and home. And I don’t know anyone who is more sold out, and used for the Kingdom.


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