Adam and Eve’s Hand-Me-Downs

In Genesis, when Adam and Eve realized they were naked, they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves. In flannel graphs of yor, you see a few leaves in a few strategic places. But if we walked around only covering those areas, we would be arrested.

I wonder how much of their bodies they felt the need to cover. Did Eve cover her elbows and ankles? Did her vegetative garb have a puritanical neckline? Did Adam feel the need to cover the same areas or did he stick with a pair of leafy board shorts? And did they fashion an “L” shaped sheet for their bed? They didn’t have social norms governing what was appropriate. All they had was their shame and a need to cover their sin. In the purest and raw state, without cultural mores, what did modesty look like?

They tried to cover their shame with leaves. I can imagine the frustration when those leaves dried and became brittle. God came, killed an animal and gave them substantial covering for their nakedness, and gave us foreshadowing of the sacrifice He would give to cover our sin. How many times have I tried to cover my sin with the brittle, crumbling dry leaves of service, duty and religious rituals when He has already made for me a robe of righteousness made from the crucifide flesh of His beautiful Son?

Humans have always tried to cover their own depravity. Religions teach that you can earn favor with God by following rules. Secular humanist try to put a salve on their hearts by creating their own meaning. I see so many people faultering under the staggering weight of “being a good person.” Even people who call Jesus Lord will try to fix their own lives with principles and behavioral change programs. We are all 3 years olds that insist on picking out their own wardrobe, and then choose (as Rudy Huxtable did) a spring dress in the dead of winter when our Creator offers Haute Couture.


2 Responses to Adam and Eve’s Hand-Me-Downs

  1. cheryl says:

    “masking over shame doesn’t really deal with the problem of guilt before God. (more from TEW)

  2. John David Henderson says:

    I’m doing research on this one as we speak cause this idea is baffling to me. This can’t just be about sex or modesty, that wouldn’t make sense. If I had a garden big enough for me and my wife to have privacy I don’t think I would be so pale right now. Your not causing the dog or the giraffe to stumble and God is well aware of what you look like (he intended you to be in that state). So anyways, Im researching and waiting for a simplified version of the JPII stuff I have been reading; its just hard to read at times. Though what Ive gotten through is great.

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