Since you asked…

Philosopher Clint Black once sang, “Ain’t it funny how a melody can bring back a memory, take you to another place in time, even change your state of mind.”

Music has a unique way of touching the soul. David knew this. He used music to soothe the restless heart of a chaotic king. There was a Chinese emperor who could gauge the state of his people by the music each region was producing. Harmonious strains meant prosperity. Music characterized by dissonant chords indicated turmoil. And in our own culture, music shapes everything from the theme of a party to the way we see human dignity.

Music is powerful. More than anything else, music gives a vehicle for the emotions and thoughts for which we often can not find our own words. Music speaks the heart.

Criticizing someone’s music takes a shot at more than their preferences. It often impugns the ideas that are important to them. Be careful when commenting on someone’s musical choices. More than likely, they won’t hear, “I don’t like the way that sounds.” They will hear, “These thoughts that touch you deeply and reflect who you are inside, this heartbreak, this Saviour you love, they are invalid.” And that is a heavy statement to make.


4 Responses to Since you asked…

  1. mom says:

    Are you talking to me?

  2. cheryl says:

    i’m talking to anyone, including myself, who criticizes the music people listen to.

  3. Shawn says:

    What about elevator music? Can I criticize that? I don’t know anyone who actually chooses to listen to it and I am not sure why those who implement the service believe that it is an improvement over silence. I have a theory about how it came about as a genre, but I will share my thoughts about that another time…

  4. cheryl says:

    shawn, don’t hold out on us…and yes. you CAN criticize elevator music, just not the the guy who came up with it or the guy who re-composes whitney’s greatest hits-all on the synthesizer.

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