God sightings: Being spiritual paparazzi

D-mac and I met for an “emergency meeting” at Starbucks. I was in the middle of a little drama and needed her objective opinion. We talked about God’s sovereignty and goodness in the midst of, forgive me, WTF moments in life. Then she said something that I have been carrying around with me. “Look for God sightings while you’re in the situation. He’s everywhere.” In everything from profound moments of revelation to the little pleasures in life, He is constantly winking at me, that flirt!

And so I have been making a concerted effort to notice the little ways His grace shows up in my life. Here are a few from this weekend.

-I walked away from a conversation feeling remarkable misunderstood. My phone rings and it’s my BFF who sees/knows my heart better than I do. She reminded me that He knows me and that’s enough. Then she told me about how excited she is about my life. She constantly reminds me of the ‘surprises’ He has for me. When I am tired and resigned, she is almost gitty with anticipation.

-While talking with her, I gorged myself on a bush covered in honey suckles, filled with sweet, sweet nectar. I never get too old to loot a honey suckle bush.

-A friend’s father called me sweetheart, and I melted. Of course, he said it with a Texas accent. I think God may have a Texas accent.

-I spent a lot of time with Amy this weekend. We bonded on issues from the divine to the rediculous. But in every conversation, even the tough ones, I felt the overwhleming presence of the Holy Spirit. He brings unity and sweetness to relationships, and I felt that with her this weekend.

-After a bit of a creative slump in my photgraphy, I had a successful shoot with good friends. God is The Creator. I am made in His image. When I take a good picture, I feel something inside say, “It is good.” I am reminded of His fingerprints on me.

-The general beauty and splendor that is Charleston. See post about “Rekindling the Romance” for further explaination.

-Jesus woke me up early on Sunday and called me out to the beach to see His sunrise. I was overwhlemed by His presence and peace.

-Sometimes when Amy is not home, dancing happens at Club 1524. I laughed heartily as I realized that I probably look like a marionette when I dance. It’s good to be able to make yourself laugh.

-I got through a step class without my knee splitting in half.

-After a LONG time with a tired heart and little vision, I think God started raising the veil on my eyes for where He is moving and how I can be involved. I had a great convo with Shawn about where I think my heart is. And he told me about a project we will be working on in which we partner with a pastor in Africa to build an orphan village. Go where the sick and orphaned are. That is where God is. It was the first time in a long time that my heart raced with excitement over thoughts of the future. I am wicked excited about Santurary and the kind of church it is/will be. I love that the church’s passion is focused more on giving legs to our worship and serving/making a difference in the community, than just adding to the numbers and the coffers. I love that so many of us have a heart to bridge the racial/social disparity in the downtown community. I see God moving here. This was a long one:)

-Learning that there is much joy in the crap in life because there is no greater place to be than in a place of dependancy. God is there. Where else would I want to be, no?

Where do you see Him?


2 Responses to God sightings: Being spiritual paparazzi

  1. amy says:

    i see Him when I let Him do the planning. thanks for the bonding, C.

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