Sweet, sweet Aderol

While working for V. Craig Jones, a criminal defence attorney, avid fisherman and all around helluva great guy….

Cheryl glances down at a table with various things from Criag’s desk. Along side the contents of his drawer sits a cigarette and a blue, transparent lighter. Cheryl shoots a questioning look at Connie, Craig’s wicked cool assistant.

Cheryl: Craig smokes?

Connie: No. Those are mine. I just put them there.

Cheryl: I was about to say. I’s sure if Craig smoked, I would have known about it, and would have talked to him about that.

Connie: Craig is too ADD to smoke. He’d forget he was a smoker.

Cheryl: True.


One Response to Sweet, sweet Aderol

  1. Jared says:

    Did I tell you how my doctor told me I had ADD? She offered me Ritalin and like an IDIOT I turned her down.
    That S goes for like $5-10 a pill on the street!
    (And by street I mean in a college to frat boys desperate to pass their finals and willing to stay up for 36 hours straight in a drug induced insomnia.)

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