Oh. My. Gosh. The bar has been raised…

That was the gist of what Paige, Amy and I mouthed to each other as Steve and Josh closed the door behind us after a night that did more for our hearts than chocolate or Mr. Darcy. Amy and I walked home with hardly a word spoken, still wondering what had just happened, and savoring the divine after-taste still lingering on our souls’ palates.

Sunday afternoon, Steve called and invited the three of us over for dinner. He said that he and Josh wanted to…(wait for it girls)…cook for us. Since newly single Prince William had yet to call any one of us, we were luckily free for the evening. It was wonderfully out of the blue, and a welcomed interruption to our weekend.

When the three of us arrived, looking particularly lovely, I might add, we were seduced into their house by the most wonderful aromas wafting through the air and were greeted by a room lit by dancing candlelight. Steve stood at the stove finessing what would turn out to be the most amazing tomato and white wine reduction, a perfect compliment to the chicken and Tuscan potatoes. How do I know they were “Tuscan potatoes?” Because that is what the menu board read. Yes, they even made a menu board. It was one of the many little details they took the time to contrive in order to created an atmosphere that engaged all of our senses in an intensely aesthetic experience.

Wine was poured and dinner was served. Before we ate, Josh read a few passages that spoke of Jesus’ admonition for us to love one another. From the deep sighs and “are these guys for real?!” glances between the ladies, I feel I can speak for us when I say that we felt loved. We felt covered.

There was a small bowl on the table, and as we ate, we placed questions in the bowl. After dinner, we went around the table, each taking turns drawing and answering questions. We enjoyed the levity of questions such as, “What would you put on a mixed tape?” (Steve actually said Kokomo by the Beach Boys). And we felt the weight of sober answers given to tough questions such as, “What attribute of God is hard for you to accept?” The night was rich with colours, flavors, and the authenticity and sweetness of friendship.

I think it’s fair to say that water was poured on very, very parched ground last night. Each of the girls personally felt the Love of her Jesus through the hearts and hands of these two gracious men. Excuse me. Gentlemen. And now I am left with the most difficult writing assignment I have ever faced.

How do you adequately say “Thank you” when you are still speechless?


5 Responses to Oh. My. Gosh. The bar has been raised…

  1. amy says:

    um, amen. beautifully captured.

  2. Jon Lowder says:

    I wish steve would take me out on a date like that…..

    um, I mean…nevermind….

  3. Papa Robbie says:

    Y’all need to stop trippin’…All you need is a pizza, a six pack of woodchuck cider, and some good DVDs. THAT is how it’s done ladies. LOL

  4. Steven says:

    Filthy John. Filthy.

  5. mom says:

    From Cherly’s mom’s heart–You men are REAL MEN! HOW PRECIOUS! I’ll let you know the next time I’m comin’ down! Well, not really. But I AM Very impressed! MAY YOUR TRIBE INCREASE!

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