The ladies I am working with now all have guy “friends” that send them roses. My guy friends don’t do that. Hmmm. Maybe it’s an age thing.


2 Responses to Friends?

  1. Smith says:

    are these guys straight?

    I don’t think it’s an age thing – my dad never sends any of his girl friends flowers. Could be because he’s married. But, still. Many of the guys here at school are older and single, and there is no flower-sending going on… I could see a birthday flower, or a you’ve been sick flower, but if these are flowers just because, then I’m sort of confused. I’ve had one of my friends give me a flower before, but it was random and spur of the moment – kid was giving them away, and my friend took one and gave it to me. But sending flowers, roses especially, just because you are a good friend seems off.

    I’m rambling. Back to the 72-hour hurry up and learn all of environmental law with no sleep madness 🙂

  2. SHARONA says:

    Those guys are not wanting to be just friends. They are trying to get romantic attention. Guys don’t send roses to girls they aren’t interested in unless someone in their family has died, it’s Secretary’s Day (yes I said Secretary no Executive Administrator), or they are drunk. 🙂

    Tell your friends that they may have a secret crush whose gonna reveale himself on the Jenny Jones show. Watch out!!!!

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