We should call God Nigel

The following is a conversation between Mi Esperanza and Yours Often Truly. A little background: Hope and I were great friends in college and still are heart friends to this day. Hope comes from a family that believes the promises of the Bible are extended only to white people. No. I’m serious. They really believe that. A few years ago, God reached down and completely rewrote Hope’s picture of who He is. And then He brought her a beautiful man to love. Kenneth is a glorious man who loves Jesus and Hope. Oh. He’s black. He has his own amazing story of how God gave him to a white family when he was 13 years old. His adopted parents were in their early 30s. I have watched these two defy one stereotype/statistic after another. What other name than Jesus could break the chains of such evil and bring life? God’s grace is radical!

Hope and I recently emailed about the sense of humor God has and how vastly higher His thoughts are than ours. Did I mention He has a brilliant sense of irony when He writes our stories?

I wrote:
so i was thinking about you and your husband and all the things i think about when i think of you. and i was considering your special marriage and the things you have overcome. and i was a little frustrated (still pissed) about how your family has not snuggled up to your blessed love and then the most ironic thing hit me. the roots of your maiden name. Dallanegra..de la negra… of the black. hmmm

love you more than baileys!

kiss your husband for me!

She said:
lol…this is only one of the ironies of our situation. 🙂 It’s fantastic what a sense of humor God has, isn’t it? Most the time it’s very sneaky…and kinda dry, like a beautiful old Englishman from the country with a twinkle in his eye.

“Oh I think I’ll give Hopeful to this family–who incidentally will be immersed in an anti-ethnic cult (to put it one way)… and then I’ll call her to marry…hmmm…. ooooh yeah–a black guy! Hmm…I think it would be even funnier if I give their family a unique last name…hmmm, what should it be….”

We rejoiced together in the passion Jesus has for all people, how He changes us and gives us blessing after blessing, all with a unrelenting grin on His face and a gleam in His eye!


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