I’m just sayin’: Highlights.

A statement was made that was a lie from hell and smelled like smoke. Said statement was reaffirmed with “and that’s a fact.”

“No. It’s not a fact. But it is what you believe.”

“That’s the thing about faith. It’s needed when all evidence points to something else. But you have to hang onto it with all your might. Eventually you find that it’s holding onto you.”

“You have no idea what the Hand of God saves you from every day. None of us knows what our lives would look like if Satan were allowed to have his way with us. But I think God allows us to see a slight glimpse of where we would be without him.”

“Here’s the thing. Eventually when you learn the heart that Jesus has for you, you will start to see the lies of Satan as an attack on Him. And that should make you irish mad. Don’t let Satan talk that way about Him.”


One Response to I’m just sayin’: Highlights.

  1. Hope says:

    Damn straight! Well said. We are children of the Most High God. Ticks me right off when I see someone drowning in a lie–myself included. Jesus died a horrendous death to destroy that lie and here we are keeping it alive. I become Satan’s worse nightmare in that moment. I tell him I’m coming and I go after him. I keep gving him a chance to give up and get saved but the crackhead still thinks he can win.

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