Late night giggles with the BFF

“So, this guy tried to pick me up this weekend. His name is Pedro. I’ve seen him downtown before. A few weeks ago Amy and I got him some food and prayed for him. Well, I saw him this weekend and he had an oozing staff infection all down his shin. And puss was flowing out of his nose. I told him in my best Spanish that he needs a doctor. “Tu pierna esta muy inferma! Necesitas un doctor!” To which he responded, appropriately, “Do you have a boyfriend?” It’s nice to know that the boys looking twice are such viable options. Seriously, people keep asking me why I’m not married. And then when I say something like “Haven’t met the right person” or “It’s not God’s time” or some equally ridiculous cliché because you have to say something, and “I’m content and happy and whenever God asks me to love one of His sons I’ll be happy to” just doesn’t seem sincere to them. Then they always say, “Well, there’s something you could do about it.” What?! What exactly am I supposed to do about it? I mean, I guess I could call Pedro, the infected Mexican. That sounds like a shot. Tequila and Baileys. So gross.”

We laughed heartily.


2 Responses to Late night giggles with the BFF

  1. Steven says:

    Pedro was a doctor in Mexico.

  2. Hope says:

    They don’t know what they’re talking about. Don’t be guilted into thinking it’s your fault. Be who God has called you to be. He does the rest. 🙂 And unfortunately, I doubt it has anything to do with Pedro.

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