I usually ask the wrong questions: Job status update

The fun part of going to see a friend is…going to see a friend. I love it when you fall right back into that place where conversation and laughter flow freely. It’s so fun to see him in his element surrounded by the things and people that are integrated into his life. I think you get to know a person in a different way when it goes beyond trying to hear him over a bad cell phone connection. It is fun fun fun! I recommend it to everyone. Whoever it is, get on a plane and go see him/her.

But be warned. You will meet people you don’t know and they are going to ask what you do for a living. Now those of you with great job titles, disregard this post. But for those of you, like myself, with limited or no letters after your name, and a job title that elicits, “Oh, that’s nice” as the only reaction gleaned from the inquiry, I dedicate this post to you.

After three days of trying to make “I temp” interesting to people with PhDs, I stood before my Jesus, my prideful heart melting through my kung fu gripping fingers, and began to plead.

Me: “Jesus, I know that who I am has nothing to do with my resume or relationship status or the reflection I see in the mirror. But it is so hard to convince others of that when “I temp” cuts the conversation short before I can say “I am just trusting Jesus right now.” I wish I knew what I was going to be doing and when it was going to come. I just don’t know what I want!”

Jesus: “Favorite one, ask me what I want.”

Me: (Doh!) “Jesus, what do you want?”

Jesus: “For you to love Me and know Me.”

And with that, He sweetly reminded me that it’s not my glory that He is after. It’s His. And there isn’t a day that goes by that my prideful need…no, demand…for acceptance/admiration attempts to steal the worship that is due only Him. And He didn’t leave it with merely a gentle course correction. His admonition also served to reassure me that I am exactly where He wants me. He hasn’t given me a job title yet because the only one He wants me to have right now is “favorite one.”

I should get a business card.

Jesus, here I am your favorite one. What are you thinking? What are you feeling? I have to know for I am after your heart. And I’ll crown you with my love – Misty Edwards


4 Responses to I usually ask the wrong questions: Job status update

  1. Hope says:

    Beautiful Cheryl. Just beautiful.

  2. Steven says:

    Or you could be like those Las Vegas commercials and come up with a new profession for each person that asks what you do. “I’m a private practice attorney specializing in finance law,” or “I’m a pediatric research oncologist,” or “I’m the senior minister at Mount Moriah Holiness Missionary Baptist African Methodist Episcopal Evangelical Church of God in Christ of the Immaculate Conception

  3. cheryl says:

    true. i did tell a lady at his church that i was in preventative pediatrics. she was all, “ah, that’s great.” and i cut my eyes at jared. his far away look indicated to me that he either didn’t hear me or was dreaming of ways to leave me by the side of the road and not feel bad about it:)

  4. Aly says:

    i feel you on this one. sometimes i think that for those of us who -instead of taking refuge in Jesus- would take unecessary refuge, stability, or pride in our jobs (even if we wanted to do the Lord’s will in our jobs) the Lord keeps us in this desperate, dependent state to remind us who is in control and what is important. Pride can’t be an issue when I am either not proud of my job, or have no clue what i’m doing or what I should be doing 🙂 I try to think of it as the Lord protecting me from myself.

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