For you.

For all of you, like me, who are looking at your life and thinking, “This can’t be right” and wondering when it will all make sense or how you can endure the road you’re on, I offer Charlie’s words.

“Sometimes God calls us to do things that are extremely difficult but they are the way to realize a greater blessing. The problem is that at the moment we can’t see it or make sense of it. Sometimes God makes you wait. Sometimes God tells you to stay in a difficult situation because of some greater purpose you can’t see. The question is this. Can you live with a God like that? This is the God we call Lord and Saviour. This is the way He is. This is the way the journey of faith is. To develop faith he makes us wait. To build faith he tells us to go back to that difficult situation…If we could see to the end of our story we would choose the path that God has chosen for us because we would see how every detour and denial and delay and disappointment were so strategic to form us in to the people He means us to be.”

Hang on.


2 Responses to For you.

  1. Hope says:

    May you become everything that God imagined when He dreamed you.

    …(Don’t give me credit for that… I totally stole it out of my journal from one of the quote pages. But dang, it’s good.)

  2. mom says:

    HOPE springs eternal! I like it anyway.

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