Idol Chatter

We are discussing idolatry, among other things, on my churches web site. On a side note, the fact that we use a blog-based site instead of a “this is the schedule for VBS and women’s ministry” based site is inovative and exciting to me. It gives people a real feel for what our heart is about. Anyway, Shawn said this, and I think it’s worth everyone taking the time to ponder. He poses questions that everyone should take the time to evaluate.

The most basic question which God poses to each human heart: Has something or someone besides Jesus the Christ taken title to your heart’s functional trust, preoccupation, loyalty, service, fear and delight? More Questions that bring some of people’s idols to the surface:

To who or what do you look for life-sustaining stability, security and acceptance?
What do you really want and expect out of life?
What would really make you happy?
What would make you an acceptable person?
Where do you look for power and success?

These questions or similar ones tease out whether we serve God or idols, whether we look for salvation from Christ or from false saviors. This bears on the immediate motivation of my behavior, thoughts, feelings. In the Bible, the motivation question is the lordship question: Who or what rules my behavior, the Lord or an idol?

For more read Idols of the Heart and “Vanity Fair” by David Powlison


One Response to Idol Chatter

  1. Rachel says:

    Those are some deep, tough questions. I will have to chew on those like some really old sac and pac beef jerky. And, like the same, I will probably be in need of some serious purging (of sin, that is).

    Missing you all here in Texas. Missing my hottie-man, Shawn. 🙂 I am enjoying being out in the country. The children love seeing all the cows, sheep, goats, longhorn steer, rabbits and deer. The circadas are so loud here that I have lots of fans on at night to sleep. Funny. The children and I are doing well. We are making the grandparents crazy, that is for sure.

    Still haven’t heard what the low down is with the women’s bible study, so someone clue me in, soon! 🙂 Miss you all. Take care of one another.

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