Coffee, Baseball and Piper

The first night I was home, the ‘rents and I went out for coffee. The second night, we went to the ballgame out at West End Field. Last night, Dad and I popped some kettle corn and watched a John Piper sermon. Taking. Notes. This pretty much epitomizes my relationship with my parents. I’ve asked Dad to make some comments about the things discussed over the last few days. So hopefully there will be a guest post coming soon. I, however, am still empty of words for the time being. But I will pass along two quotes by Mr. Piper that I think would make all of our lives better if we could embrace their significance to the fullest.

“Nobody goes to the Grand Canyon to work on their self-esteem.”
“There won’t be any mirrors in heaven.”

On side note, I was taking a walk with my friend, Dan. We came across a vine of black berries! Ahh, the sweet, simple delights of summer. He wasn’t convinced. But he’s an engineer.


One Response to Coffee, Baseball and Piper

  1. Hope says:

    Please. What do engineers know.

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