Hope wrote my heart again.

When does it end? When is it over?
This difficulty. This time.
I hear myself echo words that others have spoken.
Then reborn.
Then restored.
The time of Gethsemane
is so necessary…
so vital to my life.
But it rips like a knife.
And I cry praise for the changes it tears
in the threads of my fabric,
While complaining of the frayed edges it rears
by the hole left of my now absent flesh.
He has changed me
and I could never go back.
I have been ruined,
for everything else is lack.
He is that thing which enthralls!
That thing which calls.
And it’s hardship that carries me there.
It’s in the valley where I find His lair.
Yet with the same mouth I grumble
When will it end, I mumble.
As if, without it, I would be where I am…
How can I despise that which brings me to Him?
-Hope Clark

I would encourage you all to expose yourself to the wisdom of my Hope. Her link is on the side bar. She has a lot to say about hurt, faith and restoration. She is my heart. You should be jealous that you don’t know her and I do:)


One Response to Hope wrote my heart again.

  1. Sam says:

    i am most definitely jealous that i don’t know this fabulous woman. how are women named Hope always amazingly wonderful, insightful, and lovely. i’m glad we both have our ‘Hopes’

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