Not for the easily offended.

I like to sit at coffee shops and watch people walk by. The writer in me likes to give people stories. My friends have been very long-suffering with this quirk of mine. Sometimes I just like to listen into other people’s conversations. I usually end up rolling my eyes at the tweenies and their overly dramatic response to Brit’s troubles. But then sheepishly remember that I was the same way, although more clothed, at their age. But this weekend, I heard a guy talking about something his pastor said. It was the kind of statement that provoked an evolving reaction.

“Women are more likely to compromise their standards. But this is because it’s easier to find a godly woman than a godly man.”

Wow. Is this true? And if so, why?

Any thoughts?


8 Responses to Not for the easily offended.

  1. John David Henderson says:

    Now that’s just a dangerous question.

  2. cheryl says:

    i know. i thought long and hard about posting it. maybe i will regret it.

    is it a cultural thing? christianity is so much a part of our environment that people take it for granted. in cultures where you have to be serious because you may get thrown in jail or killed, the people who love Jesus are hard core because they have to.

    i don’t know. just rambling/

  3. katie says:

    great question! i think it’s become commonplace to think that there are more godly women than men. i’ve definitely heard that statement before. true or not? i hope not. but if it is true, i’d like someone to explain why.

  4. cheryl says:

    are women just more prone to relationships (with people and God) and also more vocal about them so it is just more obvious?

  5. Jared says:

    It’s because godly=nice (effectively) and ‘nice’ guys finish last. Yall may talk a big game about wanting a ‘man with his head on straight who’s ready to settle down’
    but a badass dude on a motorcycle is what really makes your ovaries tingle.
    Every (or most) want to reform the heart throbby badass who is really a diamond in the rough.
    To bad you can’t tie up all the lose ends in under 120 minutes…

  6. cheryl says:

    dang, j, what fgirls do you hang out with?!

  7. Sam says:

    Jared, I’d like to kindly and demurely offer my opinion towards the opposite. those badass dudes are the same ones that hurt our hearts with their selfishness and inability to see past themselves. i desire a godly/nice man not because it’s safe (in my experience the godliest men also have the uncanny ability to do anything for the Lord, leading to adventures galore), but because i want to be protected, loved, respected, and not lied to. after a summer of learning that my past whatever-guy was a badass in hiding, i was not left tingling or with a desire for reformation but deceived, hurt, and wondering why this ‘good’ girl always finishes last. and that’s a comparison struggle that only God and i can wrestle with….with spiked apple juice on the side, of course.

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