Ever need a miracle?


2 Responses to Ever need a miracle?

  1. Sam says:

    So i looked up miracles in the ESV- and in 1 Cor 12:28, miracles are listed before our traditional spiritual gifts in an order of importance as to what God has appointed.

    Doesn’t make me think our God is like the magic genie lamp-just rub it, and poof, things magically get better. But does make me think that miracles are much more in God’s plan than my logical, doubting Thomas eyes see.

  2. I need a miracle more than I can possibly know. Amen! It is promised, it is purchased, it is being wrought!

    Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord for killing me off. Praise His loving hand that wields the sword when we couldn’t die to self of our own power. Praise the life that is reborn in us out of Him.

    Eyes will be opened. Glory will be revealed. Oh to see Him. Oh to lift my head and be what He intended. A miracle.

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