Point Taken

I was walking and talking with God yesterday. I just lost ANOTHER temp job. Once again I was anticipating that job to be my financial rescue…that’s not right…maybe my financial floaties. I am not worried. Just weary. In my diatribing, He said something that kinda hurt. But I think we all need to hear it so…

Me: Jesus, I am just so weary of this. It’s not like I want to be wealthy, but it would be great if I could get some things taken care of. Where’s that unknown benefactor that will mysteriously grace me with enough money to cover what I need. And my body hurts. Too much running I guess. Won’t you fix this? (pointing to my right hip flexor)

Expecting a response reminding me of perseverance and contentment, He just surprised me with this dagger to the heart.

He: Yeah. Lots of people have followed me around just to see my miracles.

Ya’ll just marinade in that. Ouch.


One Response to Point Taken

  1. Jared says:

    At least He still talks to you…

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