Now Accepting Applications

So my friend, we’ll call her Remily Rew, and I were walking and talking as girl friends do. She got all fired up at how boys don’t ask girls out because they are afraid. I hear rejection is a big fear for guys. It is for girls too, so I guess we have something in common. I said that they are probably also afraid that asking a girl out on a date will convey that he wants a relationship. Date = marriage after all in this I-kissed-dating-goodbye-courtship-only-it-must-look-a-certain-way cult of Christian dating. I think I meant culture, but whatever.

But then there’s the problem of when guys do ask a girl out, they approach it like, “Hey, so you wanna like, you know, like hang out some time?” They don’t call it a date. And that leaves the girl wondering if it’s a date or just hanging out. And then girls get all over analytical about what he is really thinking and may balk at going out because he didn’t ask her out on one knee using the words that she and her girlfriends have determined are the ones he should use.

Her thought was that it would be great if guys could just ask girls out for the fun of going out. And she said that they should step up to the plate and call it a date. But I argued that girls are not made that way and will read into things.

But I also think that there are people who think dating should be fun and not so heavy. So, we have decided to start a club. Guys and girls in the club understand that going out does not mean a relationship. It just means a date. So guys can call it that and girls can realize that it is only a date. More fun will be had. And if it turns into something else, then great, but if not, then the door is open for lots of fun and the pressure is off since everyone knows the rules and terms are defined.

Anyone want to join in this social experiment?


2 Responses to Now Accepting Applications

  1. katie says:

    well i cant exactly join the experiment but I can atleast comment, right? I recently heard from a guy the he feels that girls are “too busy dating eachother.” ouch. and since then, I’ve heard numerous guys second that comment. And also i’ve seen several guys get rejected asking girls out on one of these “no-strings-attached” dates. heck, i’m even guilty of that. so if the mindset of the girl and the guy truely is “no-strings-attached-let’s-just-have-fun-date” then why are these guys getting turned down. i hate to admit it, bt if I kept getting “no” I’d probably be a little more inclined to say, “so you wanna, maybe, if you’re not busy washing your hair, like hang out or whatever.”

  2. cheryl says:

    what if someone asks you out and you know that they are someone that you struggle to even have a conversation with. I know people that no matter how hard i try, i just can’t find anything to talk about with them that is mutually interesting. this kind of person i would be inclined to not spend one on one time with. but that doesn’t reflect on their worth, just personality compatability.

    it creates a difficult problem when someone isnt socially sensitive enough to notice that they have never had a successful conversation with the other person. sheesh.

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