MEtthew 28:

And the angel answered and saId to the woMEn, “Do not be afraId; for I know that you are lookIng for Jesus who has been crucIfIed. He Is not here, for He has RIsen, just as He saId. Come, see the place where He was LyIng. And go quIckly and tell HIs dIscIples that He Is RIsen from the dead; and behold, He Is goIng before you Into GalIlee, there you wIll see HIm; behold, I have told you.”

And the departed quIckly from the tomb wIth fear and great joy and ran to report It to HIs dIscIples.

And behold, Jesus MEt wIth them and greeted them. And they came up and hold of HIs feet and worshIpped HIm.

And after thIs they went from that place. And whIle walking on the road, they dIscussed what had happened. LevI spoke to Thomas, “Thomas, It was so good to be wIth HIm today. Just thInk what He has done!.” Thomas replIed, “I know that He Is who He says He Is, but honestly, I just wasn’t feelIng HIs prescence. I could hardly see HIm because Peter, James and John’s hands were raised to HIgh. And what was wIth NathanIel. He was almost waIling! I mean, we are all glad He Is alIve, but come on. I can’t belIeve that at the PInacle of thIs journey, I coulnd’t feel a thIng but frustratIon. Maybe It’s just because thIngs have been so stressful In the last few days. And my wIfe. All I ever hear Is ‘when are you goIng to stop spendIng so much tIme wIth your guy frIends?’ I just wIsh that I could feel all that the ‘BIg Three’ feel. Maybe If I could have been on that mountaIn top wIth them thIngs would be dIfferent.

Jesus, knowIng what was In theIr hearts spoke. “Thomas, I have gIven you worshIp as a way of guagIng your relatIonshIp with me. The more you feel ME when you fall at my feet, whether I have just healed the sIck or walked on water or RIsen from the dead, I want you to feel good about what I do. As your RIghteousness grows, so wIll your feelIngs. And that Is what I have come to do – to make worshIp so you feel whatever It Is you thInk you need to feel. Next tIme you are at my feet, please let me know If you are comfortable. If not, I wIll get you a mat to sIt on. After all, I am Jehovah JIreh. And If you are dIstracted by the fIsh smell on most of these guys, I wIll cause a sweet wInd to blow your way so that you can focus on ME. After all, I want you to feel loved by ME. You just let me know how you need It to feel It.

And Thomas no longer doubted. He forever felt the presence and sweetness of Jesus.

Ok. Ok. So this is from the book of Hesitations. But I was reading through the Gospel of Matty, and I noticed something. When they “fell at His feet and worshipped” it was in spontaneous, compulsive response to Him. Not a duty or need to have their spirits lifted. I am the chief of sinners when it comes to, “But I can’t feel Him.” We are working through it. But worship has just become something we sing in our cars, showers or churches when the worship leader tells us to stand and sing. On a side note, I think that a worship leader has the most power of anyone on earth. They say stand or sit and they get %99.9 response. But I digress.

There were prescribed sacrifice and worship traditions, but I am always drawn to the moments when those around Him could do nothing but fall and pour out words of love so that He feels something. I want to be there. Lord, take me there.


One Response to MEtthew 28:

  1. Hope says:

    For me, leading worship is like entering the most amazing, breathtaking palace/castle you’ve ever seen, in hopes of having an audience with the King. I cross the moat on the drawbridge with all the crappy, yucky water in it and leave my attitude and selfishness there. I stand in the enormous doorway guarded by huge angels and I remove all my Armour and weapons, leaving my defense mechanism lying on the floor. I walk on, led by the Holy Spirit, vulnerable and hopeful. Closer and closer to the throne room. I can hear the voices of the angels singing Holy, Holy, Holy… At that point I look back to see who is following me… to see if the congregation is “entering into worship.” And in a split second I see where people are. Some are still standing outside looking at the moat saying, “But why can’t He just come out and meet me here?” Other’s are standing in the doorway saying, “I don’t give up my gun for nobody.” Others are with me. All I can do is continue on and pray that the others will realize the privilege they have to be even permitted an audience with the King.

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