Tradition or Just Poor Taste?

As this time of the year draws near, excitement begins to build in the great state of South Carolina. Not for the upcoming holidays or the cooling weather. It’s almost time for the time honoured tradition of the Carolina/Clemson game. Lines will be drawn, bets will be placed on the table and families will be divided.

But this year the festivities carry a dark shadow in the fire light of the deaths of 7 students from USC and CU. They were killed when a cigarette started a fire, quickly consumed their beach house and snuffed out their young lives.

Herein lies the question. Every year as part of the good spirited fun the respective universities burn the other school’s mascot in effigy. Clemson has already cancelled their event. USC is probably close to follow. Like everything Carolina/Clemson, this has been a dividing issue among students and faculty. Some say that it would be a horrible reminder of the fire. Others say it honours the students to continue with the tradition for the biggest game of the year.

In light of the recent tragedy, should this tradition be continued or is it just poor taste.


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