Guest Blog by my baby sister. Ya’ll giver her some love.

Well, as I sit here this morning, I wonder if I ever realized what I was getting into several years ago when I decided to take this passion of mine and enroll in school. I was in for the fight of my life, so farJ. I will never forget the first day of class thinking I finally made it into the RN program, and when I handed over $1100 for books, thinking this school was going to be difficult, but that was just even the beginning.
About 2 weeks in I was studying in the Clemson library and broke down. I was over whelmed, tired and defeated. I could not spend the next two years like this, crying in the library. So, as my sisters would know, I called Dad. He simply said “hang in there and you will get through this. It is all new and you will figure it out. ” (or something to the effect.) Well he was so right. I realized that I could not outline every page of every chapter I was assigned to read and I found a better way to study, NOTE CARDS. I should have invested in the index card business. Thousands of trees gave their lives for all the index cards I went through, and lost, and had to rewriteJ Through the group projects, disagreements with instructors, and the tests that Satan himself helped the instructors write, I have made it but not with out the amazing support of my family and of course Kyle gets a lot of the credit. Who knew the kid who could hardly pull off a C in high school would hold a job, fight her way through the hardest thing she ever did and maintain some level of sanity? “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength,” are truly words to hide in your heart. With out the calling and the strength from the Holy Spirit, I would not be (soon-to –be) Donna Tinkham, RN. This is just the beginning.


4 Responses to Guest Blog by my baby sister. Ya’ll giver her some love.

  1. John Henderson says:

    *stands up from desk*
    *begins to applaud the Holy Spirit and Donna*

    Well done!

  2. Hope Clark says:

    Way to go Donna!!! I’m so proud of you. :):)

  3. Joseph says:

    Well done Donna. The hotter the battle, the sweeter the victory!

  4. mom says:

    I AM THE MOST PROUD OF HER!!!!!! I JUST KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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