Some of you might remember a post about my friend Hope who married a MAN of colour despite objections from her family.

A child of restoration has been born! Selah Rachel Clark is here! Come and see that the Lord is good!

Click on Hope’s link and see pics of the new Mochachina Bambina!


6 Responses to Selah

  1. Joseph says:

    It’s okay to say “black man,” not all of us worry about politically correct phraseology, and I’m confident (speaking as his pastor) that Kenneth won’t mind being referred to as a black man. Selah is indeed a child of restoration. I’m thrilled to have a front row seat to this unfolding story of God’s restorative grace, especially since I performed the wedding and so have been there from the start.

  2. cheryl says:

    oh, i know he is fine with “black man” i just wanted to use the british spelling if Colour:)

    Hug the three for me!

  3. Joseph says:

    You are quite the card aren’t you? I notice that you have been using a few british spellings. Are you practicing for a trip?

  4. cheryl says:

    i just think it’s pretty.

  5. Joseph says:

    Jolly good show, old girl!!! 🙂

  6. Papa Robbie says:

    Just don’t call him a “coloured man”.

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