D it.

I was in class last night and the speaker asked a question. lots of people were offering their answers, but they were WRONG. I raised my hand and articulately offered the correct answer. Proudly I turned to my father, the smartest man I know, hoping to see his pride beaming back. He was sleeping. (insert Debbie Downer sound here.)

Me: Dad! I just gave the right answer when everyone else was giving the wrong answer. YOU MISSED IT! I’m the smartest person here. You slept through my brillance.

Dad: You had that moment BECAUSE I was asleep.

Me: (Shaking fist) OOOOOOOO! Foiled again!


2 Responses to D it.

  1. Joseph says:

    Always nice to see a little “healthy” rivalry going on between family members, right? 🙂

  2. John the Henderson says:

    Hah, your dad sounds delightful.

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