Art, Jesus and tricky symbolism

My brother has recently been experimenting with spray paint and boards to create art. Well, his wife says it’s more of a craft than art. One of the paintings has a grey background with blue, black, gold, silver and brown with red falling over it. His five year old, Grace, explained to me the symbolism of each colour.

Chris: Grace, what does the red represent?

Grace: The blood of Christ covering our sins.

: And what does the gold and silver represent?

Grace: Our treasures. The things we love more than we love God.

And what about the black and blue?’

Grace: Sin and sorrow.

Chris: And the brown?

Grace: I don’t remember.

Chris: Um, dung.

Grace: What is dung?

Chris: It’s, poo.

Grace: Why is our poo sin?

Chris: Well, that’s a good question. We’ll just put this in the garage. Mommy thinks is dark anyway.


2 Responses to Art, Jesus and tricky symbolism

  1. Joseph says:

    Hmmmm! And you said this was your brother right?? I’m thinking Thanksgiving at your house will boast some mighty interesting conversation. Someone pass the poo.. I mean salt please!!!

  2. cheryl says:

    i can’t begin to explain to you my house at Thanksgiving time. But it is my favorite time!

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