Sitting in the Hospital Caff.

I was sitting with Starbucks in hand* and chatting it up with my baby* sister after her shift in the CCU. I don’t know what we were talking about. It might have been how sad it was that the lady a few tables over actually had teeth like a donkey. I’m not trying to be mean. We weren’t laughing at her. That’s really the best way to discribe them. It was extraordinary. Or maybe it was about the intern that attempted to put in a central line and ended up with blood everwhere. Who knows? I made some witty* remark which prompted this puzzling observation from Donna.

D: You’re talking like a blog now.

C: I think I just write the way I talk.

D: No. You’ve definately crossed over.

Starbucks in hand* I’ve been drinking only water and green tea. But today I had two. 2. Dos Tall, skinny, sugar free hazelnut mochas. no foam, light whip. 2.

Baby* She’s younger but is married, about to buy a house and makes a helluva lot more money than I ever will. Oh, and her eyes are more blue. Bluer? Damn. I thought I had something on her.

Witty* Smart ass


One Response to Sitting in the Hospital Caff.

  1. Sam says:

    ahhhahahaha-i love donna!!

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