Jesus is not Mr. Rogers

sam: hey my favorite cheryl! you doin okay?
me: my neck hurts. email forthcoming in 10..9..8…
sam: ok, praying it’s good news!
me: sam, it’s ALWAYS good news.
sam: okay, so the 5 needles were to take a biopsy?
me: one to numb. 4 to take cells. freakin’ sucked!
sam: i’m sorry darlin-i wish i could’ve been there to hold your hand!
me: it’s cool. He was. He really gave me a picture of him sitting up on the counter just watching me with “you can do this” in His eyes. oh, and in the picture, He was in jeans…not a robe. Ha!
sam: nice, i like the Lord in jeans picture
maybe a turtleneck too?
Me: Haaale no. graphic tee
sam: ahhh, God would so be at Sanctuary
and would like my nose stud
me: yeah, he would.
sam: did he have sunglasses on? cause that would’ev ROCKED!
me: don’t be rediculous. we were inside.
sam: like that ever stops bono!
me: damn good point, sam. damn good point. gotta run. I need to keep the job so i can keep my insurance!
sam: later, will be praying!
me: thanks


2 Responses to Jesus is not Mr. Rogers

  1. Rachel says:

    Laughing, laughing, really, really, laughing.

  2. jthelmsdeep says:

    Wow! Whatever it is that you and Sam are smoking… I want some!!!

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