Who would Jesus bomb?

That was a bumper sticker I saw on the car in front of me. I looked it up online to buy, but realized I would be supporting a site that makes light of abortion by simplifying the issue. Mindless reductionism. But I thought it was interesting. I know people who would rock that sticker because they like to blame war on Christians and it’s kind of a sardonic slap in the face. But there are those of us who know Him, and would take that as an invitation to engage well-meaning conservatives that equate America with Heaven, thus forgetting their true and eternal civil loyalties.

But the older I get, maybe the more I know Him, the more frustrated I get when people talk about war with such polarizing rhetoric. I think it’s just as ignorant to join in a rousing, “Will put a boot in yur ass. It’s the American way…” as it is to dismiss the need for force altogether.

Who would Jesus bomb? If He saw a ruthless dictator slaughtering children by the thousands, how could He just stand by? Are we to be His hands of justice and protection for the weak? I find it interesting that pacifist would probably change their tune if someone they loved was being hurt. Should we respond the same way for our brothers and sisters across the globe?

But for every life we save in His name, we take the life of someone He was crucified mercilessly to deliver. So people say that they are protecting my freedoms. Please don’t put your life in harms way or take another life so I can go to church. Hell, the Church in this country could use a little persecution.

Wherever you land in the spectrum, I hope you actually see it as a spectrum. Both sides should be sober and respectful when considering the complex realities of our world.

Maybe I just need something to distract me from the day I had today.


4 Responses to Who would Jesus bomb?

  1. Colleen says:

    A few things:

    1. I used to have a bunch of those stickers. If I can find them, I’ll give you one and then you don’t have to support any website. You don’t even have to feel obligated to put it on your car. You can just keep it for posterity. Well…if I can find it, that is.

    2. I think the sticker has less to do with blaming war on Christians than it does pointing out inconsistencies amongst the Republican base. I think it speaks to those who blindly support a war and an administration on the basis that our President is a professing Christian from a political party that panders to Evangelicals in an effort to gain more political power.

    It could be interpreted as “Christians support war” but there are a lot of reasons why all this mess is complicated.

    3. As for who Jesus might actually bomb, that’s also a complicated issue. As far as I can tell, Jesus was basically a pacifist. Sure, he was full of righteous indignation from time to time, but anger and violence are very different things. I’m not convinced that Jesus would bomb anyone. Speak out on injustice and intolerance, absolutely. But bomb countries (keeping in mind that you kill a lot of civilians with bombs too)? I really doubt it.

    And whether or not Jesus would support war, I think you’d be hard pressed to find any evidence that he would support this one.

  2. cheryl says:

    collen, thanks for getting me the sticker. heres the thing. we are living in a time of grace right now. but there will come a time when He does bring His justice. Jesus is NOT a pacafist. He’s just really patient. but He is coming back to right every wrong and it will be way more william wallace than the kind, bo-ring, swedish Jesus we see in pop culture.

    I hate what politics did to Jesus. then and now.

  3. Colleen says:

    I like hippie Jesus. I’m not so big on the whole William Wallace idea.

    Nevertheless, there’s a big difference between what Jesus would do in an apocalyptic scenario and what he would do if he were just, you know, hanging out on earth. Cause as far as I know, while Jesus was walking around in the flesh, he wasn’t much for interfering in the governments of sovereign nations or invading neighboring cities to establish democracy and plunder their natural resources.

    Just sayin’.

  4. Steven says:

    Can I use that as the quote of the week?

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