Please welcome the newest member of

Isaac Christopher was born at exactly 4:00pm and weighted exactly 8lbs. He is scrumptious and nummy nummy. He has big hands and feet and, as his 5 year old big sister said as she looked at his naked body, a really big bladder. I don’t make the news. I just report it. His ears lay flat, and he isn’t a cone head. He has blonde hair and full lips and big eyes and I love him a whole lots and bunches.

Dana (my sis-in-law) went from 5 to 9 cm in 15 minutes. So she was rockin’ it old school for a while there. The anesthesiologist didn’t even want to give her an epidural. But when he saw her gnawing my brother’s hand off, he decided in favor of it. Rumor has it he set a record for the fastest epidural ever given. Good work.

My sisters were both looking dewy eyed at their head-shaking husbands. Something tells me that “the conversation” will be had again in both their homes tonight. I will talk to the wall about it.

Life doesn’t get any better than seeing your whole family, all 4 generations, gathered to welcome one more precious life into our growing brood.


4 Responses to Please welcome the newest member of

  1. Jared says:


  2. cheryl says:

    coming. but it’s easier to upload on facebook…which you don’t have…

  3. Rachel says:

    Glad you are there to be with them. Children are a gift from God for sure.

  4. jthelmsdeep says:

    Congrats! How amazing is the gift of life!!

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