My new obsession

Ace of Cakes. Has anyone else seen this show? I’m hooked.

On a slightly related note, I was waiting for Ace of Cakes to come on and one of those “How its made” things was on. Incidentally, it was hosted by that guy that used to host Double Dare. (We’ll take the physical challenge). Anway, they were showing how black eye peas are canned. They actually interviewed someone whose job title was “Black eye pea expert.” How do you make the decision to specialize in peas? I would not want that on my business card – if I had a business card…


3 Responses to My new obsession

  1. Colleen says:

    I love Ace of Cakes. Love, love, love it.

    I’ve developed a really weird crush on Duff.

    The Double Dare guy hosts a couple Food Network shows. Sadly, none of them involve goop.

    But personally, my new obsession is My Big Redneck Wedding on CMT. I like to watch it when I’m feeling bad about my life.

  2. cheryl says:

    ha. who woulda thought you and i were have a thing for the same person:) i call shotgun on duff!!!!

  3. Colleen says:

    Ok, ok, you can have him. I think Geof is foxy too.

    Although if I’m gonna choose my biggest tv crush ever, it would definitely be Dr. Gregory House…um…I mean….Hugh Laurie.

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