Thanks, Dana, for…

Thank you, Dana, for this.

Speaking of my sis-in-law – Happy Birthday (a day late) to a great lady who’s:
A great mom and faithful wife.
A spitirual teacher to her children
A rock star at being content in the daily activities of life
Daughter o’ the King who seeks to know Him
Worshipper – at church and in daily life
Let’s be honest, a hottie.

Thank for loving my big bro and being an amazing mom to those buttons.


3 Responses to Thanks, Dana, for…

  1. Dana says:

    Very humbled too…thanks Cheryl! You paint a very glossy picture of me….there is the crud too! I am glad you chose not to notice it! 🙂 Love you!

  2. Donna says:

    sitting here in GHS with a tough attitude and difficult patient and now in tears! and dana, we are all happy to have you to look up to and to bring up our niece and nephews and you are a blessing to our brother, he scored WAY out of his league 🙂 JK he is one of my HEROS 🙂

  3. leicalady says:

    Gee THANKs my name is Dana but my brother in law would never say such sweet things even to his awesome brother….

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