Guess what I learned at the mortuary today.

July 28, 2008

Ooooh, you’re not gonna like this. When they embalm a body, the bloody they drain (it was discribed to me as a glorified oil change) goes down the drain into the sewer system.


Two Opposable Thumbs Up

July 28, 2008

I went out with some people this weekend. We went to hear a band, then went ton Connely’s and then to Wild Wing Cafe. I was out until after 2:30. In the morning. With people. That in and of itself should get a post. And I guess it just did.

Someone started talking about The Dark Knight and how it was pretty much the best movie they’d seen a long time. In my humble opinion, Ledger’s joker was the best villian in the history of cinema…even better that Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate. But I digress. The movie was given the rare status of being “a flawless movie.” At that point, we felt the need to make a list. This is what we came up with.

Braveheart (Obviously)
Shawshank Redemption
A Beautiful Life
Saving Private Ryan
The Princess Bride
Waking Ned Devine (I understand this was an ambitious addition)

And while I don’t want want to fight over the definition of “perfect”, I would live to invite you to add some more cinematic gods to the pantheon.

Stop by.

July 27, 2008

my sister’s new

A two year old’s lexicon on the road to grace

July 24, 2008

Sharon: Emily, what does ‘obey’ mean?”
Emily: Obey means I get spankin’.

Sharon: Emily, I think you’re wonderful. Sometimes it scares me how much I love you! I love you so much I am scared to have another baby. I don’t know how I could love them as much as I love you!
Emily: I’m scared of fireworks.

July 18, 2008

I think more often than not, when Jesus went fishing with the big 12, they just fished. No water walking, storm calming, or record breaking catches. Just fishing. And that’s ok.

This post will make you mad or giddy – depending on the state of your soul…

July 18, 2008

I was chatting with my friend last night – my GREENVILLE friend. I have one now! Yippee Skippy! Anyway, we were talking about how fast the year was going. I said that we were 6 months and 1 week from Christmas. And then it hit me. It’s July. Do the math, C!

Cool weather is coming, jollyness is on it’s way! It is officially the time of year when I pull out Christmas tunes just because it makes me feel better about the 100 degree weather. I can’t wait til December when the temperature drops to a refreshing 65, AAAHHHH (I can hear Jared’s eyes rolling.)Break out your Santa hat, pop in a Mariah Carrey Christmas CD, an suck down an iced peppermint mocha.

Where is all this spirit coming from? A friend was telling me about how things never seem to change, and he is just tired of waiting. “You know what it’s like to wait.” And I answered to his charge as the revelation came out of my mouth.

I’m not waiting anymore.

There’s no more “When I getta…” I just have a stillness inside that is allowing me to just live. Kids, today IS your life. Whatever you think it’s missing is just in your head. Life doesn’t start when you finally get settled (what does that mean anyway) or get married or have that perfect job or money in the bank or a baby on the way. Today is what you have. And by the world’s standards, I don’t have too much. But I have peace and I am happy. Now, all that other stuff is just icing on the cake I can’t eat ’cause I just worked out. Ha!

Anyway, stop being grumpy or cynical or bitter about what your life doesn’t look like. After all, it’s almost Christmas!

All I want for Christmas is yooouuuuu.

From today’s sermon

July 14, 2008

While talking about how easy it is to question the presence and care of God when things are hard and don’t seem to ever get any better…

“If you’re really going to KNOW that God is with you no matter what, you’ve actually got to go through the no matter whats.” – B. Onken