So I just want guys to comment on this. Unless I want to comment, but it’s my blog. So there.

I was talking to this guy I work with about this girl he likes. They have known each other for a few years and are totally BFF. He adores her, and is planning to tell her that he would like for them to be more than friends. (side note: She lives about 9 driving hours away)

Anyway, at lunch I asked if he had talked with her the night before. (this is not the DTR, just wondering if they’d talked on the phone.) He said that he doesn’t talk to her much because he doesn’t want to be inconsiderate of her time. He doesn’t want to interupt her if she’s in the middle of something. I asked if this was something most guys think, or if it’s just him. He said it’s a common thing guys think about. I told him that even if a girl is busy, it’s still nice to get a call. Whether or not a girl like to be interupted by a guy is not the point.

Gentlemen, is it common for a guy to avoid calling a girl they like simply because he is trying to be courteous?


6 Responses to So I just want guys to comment on this. Unless I want to comment, but it’s my blog. So there.

  1. rachelmaze says:

    Sorry, but I think he has some fears about rejection. Seems to me if a guy is totally into a gal, he would call and call, or at least call some. Hmmm.

  2. Joe says:

    I often avoid calling people in general because I am trying to be courteous of their time. For me, it’s partly because I don’t want to interrupt them, but also because I know how many people quickly answer their cell phone even when they are in the middle of something, and they won’t listen or be paying attention to what I have to express from my heart. So, I’d much rather wait until the appropriate time so I’m not catching them in the middle of something. Perhaps this is a huge mistake on my part. I don’t know. But that’s what I do. If I’m interested in a girl, I’m much more likely to memorize the times we have talked previously and compare that over an average to figure out her schedule (unless I know her daily schedule) and call at the most probable yet statistically “interruption-free” time. Man I am a nerd.


  3. matt s says:

    People! Get a grip! If you like the girl, follow your gut and call her! I think rachelmaze is right on this one– if you like the girl, don’t prevent yourself from calling her for the fear of her being busy. Joe makes a good point about wanting quality phone time and wanting to reach her when she’s not busy. But the danger of her not realising that your totally into her cus you never call seems a lot worse than occasionally interupting something. Don’t overanalyse it, just call the girl! She’ll appreciate the fact you’re thinking of her, even if she has to call you back later 😀

  4. rachelmaze says:

    Yeah, I agree with Matt, although Mr. Joe did have some valid points. Don’t over analyze it though. If you know you dig someone’s chili (sorry, a Texan saying), then call! She will tell you if you are a pest or not. Otherwise, someone might be walking around with your potential wife someday-don’t let her get away if you care! (but don’t be a stalker/pest/weirdo/puppydog/or drive her too crazy!)

  5. rachelmaze says:

    I want to clear up two things. 1. I am definitely NOT a guy. So, therefore, had no business posting on this post. 2. I didn’t notice the “guys only” clarification. My bad.

  6. steve d says:

    call the girl.

    *ready to play ball = step into the batter’s box and swing away.
    not sure she’s the one, but maybe = keep watching from the dugout.
    if she’s not the future mrs = leave ballpark immediately.

    * has job, loves Jesus, no other girls are even being considered

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