I’ll go first

I was at my brother and sister-in-law’s house the other nightand I checked out the new baby’s nursery. I looked in the crib and saw a sweet little satin pillow that he lays he precious little head on every night. He doesn’t know to be grateful for it yet, but I was grateful for him. My family is not extravegant by any means, but even in our middle americanness, we can put our babies in comfy beds with satin pillows.

This past year has been the hardest of my life, rich, but hard. Lori told me to start writing down the things that I am grateful for. She told me she didn’t want to know about the normal stuff -family, freedom, relatively good health. She told me to start thinking about the things that I rarely think about that are blessings.

Much like my nephew, I think we go through the day with little recognition of the things we are grateful for. But we don’t have the excuse of being 4 months old. I pass on Lori’s challenge to you. Start paying attention to the things you use every day that we never really take the time to be grateful for. If you have trouble, think about the people around the world who don’t have…

Toilet paper
Air conditioning


4 Responses to I’ll go first

  1. Dana Wood says:

    I am ALWAYS thankful for HOT showers and contact lenses (so I don’t have to wear coke bottle glasses in public!) As for non-materialistic things….the sweet breath of my baby, the too rough hugs from my older son, the off the wall compliments from my daughter!

  2. cheryl says:

    ahhh. hot showers….

  3. donna tinkham says:

    Non – Latex gloves
    My co-workers unsolicitied and needed assistance and advice.
    My dog Lola
    good pair of nursing shoes 🙂
    My Sisters
    last but the most inportant God’s grace and help in my job and his providing co workers that love him too. my encouragers:)
    and Anti- bacterial hand gel 🙂

  4. donna tinkham says:

    ps i know important is not spelled inportant, typo :0

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