I can hear Papa. “You’re so queer*!”

This is going to sound like I jumped into some greeting card or something, but since I’ve long abandoned the need to be cool, I will proceed.

Yesterday, I was working out with my sister, my niece and two friends. Yes, my two year old niece works out with us. She loves to stretch and does a committed squat. Anyway, we found our way to Falls Park, a lovely garden spot downtown with a large, natural waterfall. In between squat set 2 and 3, I looked around. The sun was shining, and a cool breeze was tossing leaves. The park was bustling with families enjoying picnics, children rolling down hills and dogs of all sorts casting about enjoying the puppy social time. Five nuns in long, flowing white habits, with their eyes heavenward crossed the bridge. The air was filled with the fragrance of flowers and the laughter of happy people. I know it sounds a little Truman Showish, but it was less creepy in real life.

Hours later, a similar scene was blossomed in my back yard. The family gathered for a Labor Day picnic. After the burgers and dogs were sufficiently consumed, I joined the kids outside in the backyard. My brother-in-law, Kyle, was pushing Gracie (6) on the tire swing. My brother, Chris, was kicking the ball with his son, Micah (4) and my sister’s daughter, Emily (2). I looked over at Emily as she ran across the grass, giggling wildly, the sun illuminating her blonde hair. It was like the world stood still. All of the joblessness, financial stress and endless unanswered life questions silenced in the pure joy of that moment.

I know this sounds like a Walgreens commercial. But even in the clamor of chaos, there are moments where Heaven invades my life, and I realize what makes the poor wealthy.

*I’m not entirely sure what it means, but he always says it when I get especially sappy. He is always smiling when he says it. So I guess it’s ok.


4 Responses to I can hear Papa. “You’re so queer*!”

  1. Papa Robbie says:

    After reading that sappy post, I can say without reservation that you are indeed queer and have a beautiful spirit. Sissy….

  2. Dana Wood says:

    You forgot to mention Isaac trying to eat grass! Come on!

  3. cheryl says:

    You’re right! and it was so cute! happiness in a onezy!onezie? how the heck do you spell that?!

  4. Sam says:


    your future Masters in early childhood education friend

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