What you’re missing out on if you work during the day

My sister and I take mid-morning walks in the park. She brings Emily, her 2 year old daughter, to join. It’s the highlight of my day. I am normally pretty environmentally observant, but even more so when Em is with me. I make sure Sharon and the stroller are on the inside of the sidewalk, not close to the river and that I am between them and anyone putting out a sketchy vibe.

The way I figure it, she has a husband and child depending on her. If something happens to me, a smaller gap is left in the world. I understand that in God’s eyes my life is just as valuable, but in a practical sense, I am less of a loss. People would be sad, but I am not an important cog in anyone’s wheel of daily life. This line of reasoning makes Sharon mad and she refuses to engage the conversation. She isn’t convinced that we need to come up with some sort of contingency plan if it comes down to me or her.

From a worldly perspective, are some lives more important?


2 Responses to What you’re missing out on if you work during the day

  1. Dana Wood says:

    First of all you think way too much….enjoy life! Secondly, of course the world thinks some lives are worth more than others! We wouldn’t have euthanasia of old/sick people or abortion. Heck, people give their dog more right to life than the poverty stricken of this world! That’s all I have to say about that! Isn’t downtown great? Chris and I went to Latitudes and enjoyed the view! btw…nobody was in there!!! weird

  2. Papa Robbie says:

    The Joker does a great monologue in “The Dark Knight” about this very thing….If Tony up the street gets shot and killed, he gets a little blurb on the news but if a celebrity dies he gets an MSNBC, CNN, and sometimes even FAUX special.

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