Unrelated thoughts I never had time to flesh out individually

I spent a couple days with L. We were talking about her marriage. She married a man who is best described as being the kind of man that makes you not afraid of marriage. Truly a quality guy. But people have a tendancy to misread him when they first meet him. He’s quiet and contemplative. It comes off as cold. After about 20 minutes, you realize that he is pretty rad – a bit of a smart ass, but rad. Anyway, L. said that part of her job as his wife is helping people to know the real him – to reveal his character to those who don’t understand him based on what they see. (you see where I’m going, don’t you…) I guess as the bride of Christ, we get to show people who He is by telling people who He is to us – how He’s changed us. Lots of people have untrue ideas about who He is and therefore, they misread the things He does. I say misread. Sometimes that looks like desperate frustration and sometimes like fist shaking rebellion. I really hope that I can show people what He’s really like…

I took E. to the playground. She’s two. She doesn’t run, she clomps (her mom’s word). And she is a brave one. Well, other than being afraid of train whistles, she is fearless. She will take the steep slide without hesitation. But there were some pansies out there. Over and over I heard, “Ok, on three. One, two, three. Jump!” It accured to me. When you’re a kid, you get a countdown before something scary happens. Not as an adult. “Ok, unexpected medical bills are coming. One, two, three!” “On the count of three, break off your engagement.” I think it might serve kids better if we walk up behind them and push them off the slide. No warning. No counting. They need to learn the art of handling the blindside.

Ahhh, Right Here Waiting. Still a GREAT song. But lady, if you’re going to hum along, pick a flipping key. Speaking of singing, apparently, I can sing opera. An opera singer told me that. With a straight face. Who knew.


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