Here chicken chicken chicken

After one morning with 24 chickens…I’m sorry…23 chickens and 1 rooster (happy now, Rooster McRoosterson?) I have a new found understanding and appreciation for the following terms and expressions. It will definately help if you take time to visualize. Go on. Use your imagination.

Chicken shit*
Flying the coop
Mad as an old wet hen
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

*Pardon my English, but the next time I hear someone/thing called that, I will feel the true sting of those words.


2 Responses to Here chicken chicken chicken

  1. Dana Wood says:

    Just want you to know I grew up next door to a guy who raised chickens and my dad raised some too…so to comment on your lovely expressions….chicken #$@! is gross,but makes great fertilizer…chickens can not fly…well…but are really funny to watch (and can go pretty darn far)when you throw them out of a two story barn…I used to wash my chickens in the creek, and they never seemed to mind too much…and I have put all my eggs in one basket….never had any problems! 🙂

  2. Dana Wood says:

    Oh and did you know a chicken leg is just as lucky as a rabbits foot!?!?!? I had one!

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