My niece

My sister and I were walking and doing some praying. We asked the Holy Spirit to show us strongholds and bondage in our lives that we couldn’t see. At that moment, we came across a penny sitting straight up on it’s side, defying gravity. I have a picture on my phone if you don’t believe me. We took it as His way of saying, “I am here to do the impossible.” He likes doing the impossible. It’s part of His charm.

We spent the next 40 minutes doing some serious listening and responding and fleshing out. It was the kind of talking that you only do with a few people in your life. At one point, my sister was speaking into my life about relational strongholds, encouraging that the questions for which I think I need answers are just surface issues. The real questions are deeper and can only be addressed by the One who made my heart. She was so intensely interested that her tone of voice was kind, but pointed. My two year old niece said, “Mommie! Don’t talk that way to my aunt Cheryl!” We reassured her that Mommy wasn’t mad, but that we were just talking about important things and that we love each other.

Two things amazed me. There is so much that we hold in our hearts that we can’t see until God reveals it. And when it’s revealed, there is only one thing we can do – give it to Him so He can sort it all out. Funny how we try to fix our hearts when we can’t even grasp the full extent of them.

But I was also overwhelmed with how God gave little Emmy such a tender heart towards those who are hurting, and a heart that wants to protect. She’s two and she already hears hurt in people and engages that hurt. Without any need to self-protect, she offered her concern.

Why can’t we all be two again!


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