My Election Day Prayer

Dear Jesus,
Thank You that I get to vote. I know it’s not a divine right, but it’s nice all the same. And thank You that I get two whole options. Some people don’t get any. And thank You for being in control no matter what happens. That’s good because no matter who wins, bombs will still be dropped, unborn babies will still die and Americans will still overspend on their credit cards as they clammer towards comfort and status. But even so, You are still directing the hearts of kings and there is nothing we can do to get in the way of Your plan to rescue us.

I really am ok with whomever wins tomorrow. But if You could swing me a small favour, I would really appreciate it. Whomever you have ordained to lead our nation, could You let their victory be substantial so we don’t have to deal with three more months of recounts and exploding pundant heads?

I wish you would come on. We keep messing things up here. Oh, and the trees are amazing this fall. They make my insides dance for You. Love, C


3 Responses to My Election Day Prayer

  1. Rachel says:

    Beauty in words. Thank you.

  2. Joseph says:

    And, Dear Jesus, while you’re answering Cheryl’s prayer, could you take a moment and make a note of my request please? I’m simply asking that the Church wake up to our responsibility and stop dreaming about a “Christian Nation.”

  3. cheryl says:

    Preach it, my brother!

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