I’m glad I’m not a bug.

My cousin, we’ll call him Ryon, is an adventurer. He likes to do crazy things like climb Mount Kilimanjaro, mountain bike, and start his own business. He definitely has the a life that justifies the burly beard he is rocking these days.

His last trip was two weeks in the wild, wild west. He did a climb, with strangers he met on the internet (which, in and of itself, is pretty risky). It was so cold at the summit that ice cycles formed on the before mentioned burly beard. He sent me the link to the pictures.

The ice-beard was impressive, but it was the view at the top of the climb that took my breath away. I can only imagine what it would have been like to see it in person. I asked him what it sounded like to be that high.

“All you hear is the sound of the breeze. There are no other people. No trees to shuffle in the wind. There are no animals. Just peace.”

“Not even birds or bugs?”, I asked.

“Birds and bugs don’t really have anything to do that high up.”

“You don’t think they’d enjoy the view?” I joked.

They don’t care about the view. Animals live without a need to experience nature apart from their need to survive. I know there are some people who would challenge, “You can’t know the mind of a ground hog? How do you know he doesn’t enjoy a sunrise?” When I see a pack of groundhogs hiking with their Nalgene bottles just to get a glimpse of the fall foliage, then maybe we can go there. Despite the opinion of some, we are not the same as animals, and we have soul needs that draw us to the Creator.

I can’t speak for my cousin, but in those moments when I am startled by His greatness seen in what He has made, I am overwhelmed with how sweet is it to be loved by a God that desires to steal my attention with the vastness of a star-filled sky, or the meekness of the ocean.

This Divine Hedonist that chases my heart, and draws me in with wild pursual, created me, created all people, to desire the depths of all that encompasses being human. He calls us to more than survival, but to richness, passion, and pleasure.


One Response to I’m glad I’m not a bug.

  1. Joseph says:

    Can I get a resounding “Amen!” from the congregation?!

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