Back…WAY back to the basics

(Disclaimer: This was not written with any one person in mind. But I could have written it to myself. And the tone was one of pleading, not sarcasm. Just so you know.)

I am a little sad that I feel the need to write this. But between kids saying mean things over the holiday weekend, terrorists shooting up India and the ubiquity of caustic remarks from the terminally sardonic, it seems the world needs a reminder. And I do, too.

Be nice.

Seriously. You’re not suppose to say mean things or hit people, neither with words or bullets. I know that it flies on TV and in the movies, but in real life, violence isn’t cool or entertaining and being a smart ass at the expense of the person sitting across from you just isn’t ok. Oh, I know. Disguising your anger and insecurity as sharp wit makes it feel ok. But it’s really not. Those wounds are landing on a piece of humanity for which Jesus was humiliated and brutalized.

Everytime you have contact with another person, you have the unique chance to bring him life instead of eroding his spirit. You are given that moment to encourage and teach. Don’t exchange such a significant gift for a false sense of self-importance.

Play nice, kids. Play nice.


3 Responses to Back…WAY back to the basics

  1. rachelmaze says:

    Beautiful. That goes for pushing people to their death at Walmart at 5 am. No pushing. We are such superficial, greedy, stuff-worshiping people. Forgive us Lord.

  2. Jared says:

    Sighs. Shakes head.

    Cheryl are you turning into a liberal weenie? What would Ann Coulter say?!?

    On a serious (non sequitor) note, is it just me or there something creepily Nietzhian about some conservatives/Republicans?

    I heard this guy who is a son of plastic surgeon say something along the lines of “You get the pay you deserve, people who make more money just work harder so they deserve to be paid more.”
    I’d like to see his dad do what my dad does for a living.
    I concur. No throwing sand in the sandbox.

  3. cheryl says:

    That plastic surgeon is an idiot. wait. was that mean?

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