I’m too busy to be interesting or witty, so I’ll leave it to my new favorite…

December 24, 2008

Ten other things MLK said.


So I found this box

December 15, 2008

in the attic and it was filled with letters and cards from high school and college. I learned two really cool things.

1. The letters from that person who hurt me? I felt no need/desire/compulsion to reread them. They went straight into the same trash can as my used dental floss. The floss was more useful.

2. I forgot to spend the $20 that grandma put in my bday card from 1996. Wooo Hooo! Starbucks!

So I was thinking…

December 13, 2008

Religion is the Satanic counterfeit for knowing Jesus.

Kind of

December 10, 2008

More AWESOME church music.

Wise in Man’s Eyes

December 7, 2008

As I am writing this, I am going back and forth to an IM conversation with a dear friend. She is the kindest person you will ever meet. You know the type. They ooze sweetness, but in a way that’s not vomitous. She has this guy friend that did the whole, “I’ve been in love with you for over a year, and I want to be more than friends” thing. In less than a week, he decided he was just drunk when he said those words, even though he hadn’t had anything to drink. Most of their relationship can be categorized by him constantly going off the deep end, and I do mean DEEP, and my friend continuing to show him love. Don’t get me wrong. She doesn’t hang around in the midst of the insanity, but when he comes back in need of a friend, she is there. She’s heard the Guard Your Heart speech, yet she leaves it open to those needing sweetness in their lives.

I have this other friend who has a proclivity for giving rides to strangers, mostly other women who are walking late at night. She was told that it’s unwise because you never know who’s crazy. Despite the danger, she still pulls over to offer a lift.

I’ve been widely criticized for my choices by people who were not privy to the Divine discourse that proceeded each one. I know other people who insist on living life “unwisely.”

God calls us to do pretty ridiculous things in order to go places with Him. And sometimes what the status quo calls irresponsibility, God calls obedience. And in obedience, the Father calls us to prize some things more than our personal emotional and physical safety. In the case of the first friend, she shares in the sufferings of Christ when she offers her grace to someone who doesn’t cherish her. And in not “guarding her heart” she gives it away as her Saviour did. Her friend sees Jesus in her forgiveness. And the other friend knows that to answer the prompting of the Holy Spirit to show mercy to another, even risking personal safety and the worldly rules of propriety, is the wisest thing she can do.

It’s easy to ignore hurting people in the name of wisdom. But more often than not, I think it’s fear and pride masquerading as wisdom. If you go deep with Jesus, as deep as He wants to take you, He will eventually ask you to join Him in something irrational, irresponsible, and unwise in man’s eyes. He will ask you to leave everything you’ve known to be comfortable and controlled. But He’s not asking you go somewhere He hasn’t already gone to prepare the way.

December 2, 2008

On Sunday, my pastor taught about how God showing up in our neediness shows a hurting world His grace,love,and power to rescue in the midst of the impossible. I could use some of that rescuing. Today was bad. I wanted to write about how bad my day was, how I spent the first half crying. I have a litany of things I could prattle on about to show how justified my meltdown was. I don’t think anyone would begrudge me some time to fall apart. But here’s the thing. After gritting my teeth, and pleading through tears for God to show Himself, my situation isn’t any different. But my heart is.

Who is this Jesus that penetrates the depths of my pain and causes a destitute heart to worship.