All in quiet on New Years Day

Does anybody else out there think that 2008 was a crazy hard year? I usually don’t get caught up in all the Woooo Hoooo! A new year! celebration. When I went to bed last night, I knew that I would wake up to the same bank statement, the same news headlines, and the same aging face in the mirror. And while my boy, Bono, had a point when he said, nothing changes New Years day, I found my self almost giddy last night as The Ball dropped. I had this feeling inside that was kind of like the emotional equivalent to seeing someone you recognize but not knowing where you know them.

I think it was hope.

My logical, rational, and probably cynical side, knows that, indeed, nothing changes on new years day. But I choose to give into the feelings I had last night when I watched the door hit 2008 on the butt on it’s way out.

So I raise my coffee cup to you and to 2009. May this year bring you into a season of joy. No matter what this year brings, with everyday may you experince the Unchanging Wonder of knowing Jesus more.

Slainte! (look it up)


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