Ala “Really with Seth and Amy.”

So there’s this lady who had herself some kids. 14. And now the media is all over her because she’s having babie and doesn’t have a job. Really? How is this a story? Our cities are full of girls having babies they can’t afford. But Anne Curry looks so concerned. Really? The media is actually being all judgemental and arguing that a woman’s choices with what she does with her body are the business of the community? Really? Seriously? They are actually suggesting that there should be regulations on what a woman chooses to do with her body. Hmm. Really?


4 Responses to Ala “Really with Seth and Amy.”

  1. Joe says:

    Really? REALLY?

    I think the media has it wrong. Since when is having 14 kids and another one on the way NOT considered work? Haha.

    I can see the potential repercussions of raising 15 kids, but again, it’s that assumption that is the flaw of their argument. If the community is allowed to “assume” for the greater good of the next generation, then why aren’t they, as you said, questioning other women who may not even be able to “afford” one child.

    And since when is having children about money? And for that matter, why aren’t we spending time questioning other parents who CAN afford to have 15 kids but will never be at home to spend time with them as a result? Is that any better? I say no.

    I think the real reason the media is even covering this is because those that run the media are just like everyone else in the world–flawed and looking for ways to set themselves apart to look better. “At least I’m not like that woman who has 14 kids. Can you believe how irresponsible she is? It’s a good thing I’m not like her.”

    My thoughts. Back to you Amy (Cheryl).

  2. barb t. says:

    I say hurray for babies, and though I may not understand the reasons why this woman would want to raise 14 children as a single mom (raising 13 with a husband has been exhilarating and life-changing, but LOTS of hard work)the fact remains that each one of those precious lives has value because of the One that gives life, NOT because the media ascribes worth to them. The talking heads cannot understand, no matter how much they chatter on and on and on…

  3. Jared says:

    The NY Times had a article on large families that was suprisingly, well it was more neutral than positive but that’s something at least. The comments though were incredibly offensive. Words like “disgusting” were used. Which I find highly offensive. It is one thing to make a moral and philosophical argument that families like mine are irresponsible or even wrong, but to use words like “disgusting” are a personal attack. What kind of ignorant do you have to be to think that it is ok to use words like that to describe people’s children/way of life?
    The really galling thing is that these are people from NYC (a TOTALLY different place from upstate…) who would be all up in arms if someone like me referred to a family with two daddies as disgusting.
    Incidentally I wouldn’t refer to said family as disgusting. I would make a moral and philosophical argument for why that was a bad idea and/or sin, but I wouldn’t make personal attacks.

  4. Colleen says:

    I am, like, SO sorry I haven’t read your blog in so long, because this would be the perfect topic for another Jared/Colleen showdown.

    Actually, it probably wouldn’t be, because I understand why the NY Times article he referenced was offensive and the octo-mom (seriously? that’s the best they could do?) media blitz drove me batty.

    First off, the media is making a big deal out of the story because that’s what they do. They make a big deal. Especially about things that are, frankly, none of our damn business.

    It’s truly disgusting. Unfortunately, people love this stuff. We love to pry into the personal lives of others and find them wanting, so that we can take some sort of moral high ground and feel better about ourselves. We are a nation of schoolyard bullies. Well, maybe not entirely, but we’re all capable of pulling that kind of mean-spirited crap and the media knows it and they’re counting on us to give in to our baser urges and pick on the little guy, or in this case, that un-employed, overly-fertile woman.

    But before you dwell on the fact that the supposedly liberal media is contradicting itself by making arguments that would, if carried to their logical conclusion, set us back about 50 years in terms of reproductive rights, let’s remember that most of these “journalists” aren’t big thinkers…they’re paid to look pretty and read a tele-prompter (and I’m not just talking about the ladies, because it’s the men too–they get taken more seriously, but they still hold ratings in higher esteem than journalistic integrity or basic reasoning skills).

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