The Challenge of Thanksgiving

I am reading 1000 Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. One of her challenges is to be grateful in the midst of trials. And while she encourages the reader to thank God for the hardships in life, she brings to light the importance of noticing the small moments of wonder and pleasure and to express gratitude to God for those small graces. She notices the color of light reflecting its iridescence in dish suds, or the sound of fresh snow crunching under her feet.

I am a new practitioner to this, but I found that it brings a swift sense of peace in chaos and wonder into moments that are often overlooked as mundane.

About 4 years ago, my friend challenged me to make a list of things I’m grateful for. I found this list and started adding to it. As Father allows me to notice the beauty in everyday happenings, I record those small gifts and thank Him for His touch in the ordinary.

Thank you, Father, for…
#4 Misty, foggy mornings
#16 Indoor plumbing
#92 A great job that provides but doesn’t define me
#121 Full, gut laughter that goes so deep, your soul converges with another’s in utter joy and delight
#144 Well fitting bras
#150 A perfect song that takes you to another place
#178 Old people who are still full of joy and have a clever wit.
#190 Fresh, clean, cold sheets on a summer night

Each gift, both the small and profound, is from the heart of Father, and He is giving them lavishly. Search for these moments. Hunt for beauty. Finding it, and being grateful for your discovery is vital in living in each moment, fully and with thanksgiving as we learn the heart of love Father has for us.


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